What Are Your 2016 Tech Predictions?

The Bad Voltage team will be sharing our 2016 tech predictions in the next show. I thought I’d give the community a little time to post their predictions before the segment goes live on Thursday. So, what are your 2016 tech predictions?


  • IoT will become more ridiculous than ever (more so than Samsung’s fridge)
  • More public cloud companies will collapse (or get cheaply acquired)
  • The major VR tech launches will be met with mediocre sales
  • A major security flaw / hack will generate more press than the Ashley Madison scandal
  • The floundering PC market will start at least 2 companies publicly working on convergence devices (phones/tablets that hook into keyboards/monitors either wired or wireless to become PCs).

One of two things that I think will happen:

  1. Canonical will announce the end of the Ubuntu Phone project.
  2. Convergence will suddenly become a much bigger Thing and Ubuntu Phone will start getting some traction in that segment of the market.

I think (1) is more likely than (2). The failure condition is, of course, “nothing really changes with Ubuntu Phone.”

An open source entity (Linux Foundation?) gets more involved in education so kids learning to code may be more inclined to go the open source route.

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