Welcome, new people!

Wow, bunch of new people joined the forum in the last day. Welcome to the community, new people! Feel free to introduce yourself! :smile:

Not sure if I am one…I lurked for a few weeks before talking to much… but thanks for the welcome.

Hey Jono, all,

I’m Andrew Hutchings, aka. LinuxJedi. I’ve been chatting on the #badvoltage Freenode IRC channel for a while now so thought I should pull my finger out and join here too.

I was a long-time LugRadio listener so naturally when I found Bad Voltage I jumped at the chance to listen :smile:

For those who don’t know me, I live in Norfolk UK which is probably around 90% farm land and pretty much one of the most low-tech parts of the UK (tech wasn’t the reason I chose to live here). I work for HP in an Open Source division called the Advanced Technology Group which is sort-of a cross between a think-tank and an R&D division for future Open Source technologies. Before that I have worked on Drizzle at Rackspace, MySQL at Sun/Oracle and a bunch of other things you probably never heard of :smile:

Anyway, looking forward to hopefully contributing something (I can’t guarantee it will be useful) here too!

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the welcome! I’m relatively new to the open source/open community scene and have been looking for a way to get involved with some interesting communities and meet some interesting people, so naturally, Bad Voltage seems like the perfect place to start as everyone seems very welcoming - as well as the show being totally kick ass!

I’m 22 and from Somerset in the UK. I currently work as an IT Support Technician in education and use my role in a largely proprietary environment to try and lead people towards Open Source solutions. I’d love to work with Linux as I find I’m starting to develop a real passion for Linux and the whole ecosystem surrounding it.

I look forward to getting to know you all better. Bad Voltage team - keep up the awesome work you’re doing!



Where abouts in Norfolk? I lived in Suffolk for quite a few years.

A small town called Watton.

Cool, I lived in Framingham

Hello Bad Voltage Community,

@jonobacon started this thread before I joined the community, but I guess I should also introduce myself. I started listening to podcast in general a few months ago, and Bad Voltage was one of my first subscriptions.

I’m not Mr. Pink. I’m 31, from Venezuela, currently living in Canada. A Linux enthusiast, who uses computers the same way @bryanlunduke uses his blender.

Keep the awesome work. Be excellent!

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You don’t half look like Mr Pink :slight_smile: Or is that actually a picture of him?

Welcome to the show that never ends!

Mr. Pink = Steve Buscemi, from Reservoir Dogs. Certainly, I don’t look like him :smile:

The picture is something I found on the web, with a few touches in GIMP to turn it blue, and blend it better with Arch Linux forums (also my avatar there).

Thanks for the welcome!

Great to have you here! :slight_smile:

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