We now have over 100 voltheads :-)

I just noticed that we just hit over 100 users on the forum. Our little slice of life over here is growing and thanks to all of you making this such a fun place to be. :slight_smile:

In other news, our download statistics for the show keep growing, but we need your help to spread the word, so the more you can blog, tweet, Facebook, G+ and otherwise get people listening and over here, the better. Thanks!


That is great news. You guys do a great job with the show and everybody in the community is top notch. It is a privilege to be a part of it.

Sweet. This is going places. I hope nice places.

Attractive places. SEXY places.

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Not with us lot there, they won’t be. Have you seen the chicken legs on @jonobacon?

They are not as foul as you would imagine.


I love you guys. So much.

Dont work @bryanlunduke, the feeling is most definitely not mutual !!

So much love here…lol

Always. :slight_smile:

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