We don't have to grow up

Can’t sleep as usual.But.

On this mornings BBC News a from the grandson of the guy who invented Lego .

We can’t stop growing old but we have to choose to grow up.

I’ve chosen not to


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Yeah, it was a choice. Sure. Yeah…that’s the ticket! :smile: :yum:


I think that we do have to kinda grow up and be responsible

By not growing up I think that means not forgetting the things that you have always found natural for you to do.
When I was a kid I used to draw alot, I sometimes dig out a pencil and it’s amazing how natural it feels to draw again, like this is me!
I have a few blocks of LEGO on my desk now, I kind of think writing PHP/JavaScript and Python comes in the same vein as playing with LEGO.

I think healthy being-like-a-kid is doing stuff that is a continuation of a lot of the things you did as a child.
Unhealthy being-like-a-kid is not dealing with adult life!

People are always happy when whatever they are doing feels like play, not ugly and forced but natural
Something to do with brain regions and stuff

Of course we have to be responsible - I own my own engineering company but we should not forget who we are and my child like fascination with how things work has never left me.

‘what happens here?’, ‘can I pull this?’, ‘supposing I push?’ are child like but still relevant questions in my head.

So do we have to grow up?

Kind of

But we should never forget the child who got us here.

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