Very Punny (with eyes rolling)


Lets share our puns, jokes, etc…Even old ones. Extra points, so to speak, for tech or job related.

I went to the doctors office and found a man there that had a frog attached to his head.
When I mentioned that is quite a situation he has there, the frog said:
“Yes, it started two weeks ago as a pimple on my bum.”


This ole house had a pimple on its bum.

Thats why there’s 30pence on the light bottles.

If only our cleaner would remove the five pounds from the wet envelope in the shower,

but then it would be called Simon’s Cat feeling of denial.

@oldgeek I hear the isbn 9781847674814 book is the only boo on the planet to feature a youtube sticker,

but what would I know.

I prefer pg tips.

It’s nearly the seventeenth - and you forgot to include the syllables " Lim - er - ick " in your hearty request :blush:


There is already a competition going. Competition: Five line noncence poem


Well please include a Limerick poem challenge for the IrishPost day - that is before easter.


Next Saturday 17th March is St Patrick’s day. The competition Five line Nonsense poem is extended till Sunday the 18th.


@WarrenHill is that the competition for the commmunity or the ?


Saw this one today.

Why did the butterfly get a cell phone?

It wanted to cauliflower.


@oldgeek I think the guana realesaters would diagree.

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