Using an old Gameboy for Astrophotography

An interesting experiment using an old gameboy and a telescope. I was amazed what a 2 bit camera could do.

The cameras on the Voyager probes probably aren’t that much more advanced.
There isn’t anything magic about digital telescopes/microscopes, just a webcam and some optics.

I’m probably gonna buy some binoculars and try using my Jolla phone to photo the moon, if I get anything good I might post them here.

…oh wait 2 bit (I thought that was 2 megabit CCD count), not bad considering, looks like an old newspaper print

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Please do!

I love astrophotography. The only draw back is that it would keep this old man up past dark!

If you’re interested in elderly interstellar space probes, this brilliant article on what the future of (American) football could look like will probably delight and amaze.

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