Using Aluminum Foil to Boost WiFi Signal

I have been researching TV antennas for a while now and am wondering why I haven’t thought of doing this in the first place. Researchers have found that using foil on precision 3D printed mounts boosts effectiveness of router signals significantly.

What I’m wondering if anyone has just tried making a reflector for their router.


2007 called, they want their WiFi hacks back.

Also, what is this “aluminum” of which you speak? It sounds remarkably similar to aluminium. Did you make a typo?


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No, er, yes Your Honorable, er, I mean Honourable Queen. I have also noticed that acid will change the color, er, I mean colour of aluminum, uh, I mean aluminium.

I am curious as the difference in gain between these precision printed reflectors and a homemade one.

I tried out a heat map phone app that plots the WiFi signal strength as a coloured diagram as you move around the house. A bit of fun.

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