Users who've quit Linux


So I listened to it in VLC. I’m still none the wiser.


As a side note, Mr. Breathed uses a Mac …

… or maybe it’s a Banana Junior …


@neuro did you know you can read Mr. Breathed’s strip he did while in college?

He recycled many jokes over the years.


well obviously,

that’s cos your too abjective.

which is what mac users’ are.


I have no idea what the link to the OGG file meant. I have no idea what your reply above means. I don’t believe those two facts have any relation to the fact that I prefer to use Apple products.


Then you just don’t get it.


I was a full time mac user and developer from about 2007-2012. I became so disgusted with the direction they were going it ultimately drove me to Linux, which is now how I pay the bills. Will never touch another Apple product again. Thanks Apple!

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What was it specifically that disgusted you?


@neuro That’s a big question; honestly it was a general sense that Apple kept aggressively telling me how I need to use my machine. I felt like I was losing control over my environment. As an example, I had to install my cli dev toolchain via Xcode (which was ~6GB at the time, IIRC?). To do that, I needed an Apple account, and I had to use their store to get it. I think they have since fixed this, but it was infuriating at the time.

Another example were the extremely aggressive OS upgrades. They were enormously disruptive, I feared each one because it almost assuredly would code me half a day fixing things like my nginx/postgres/redis install. This is positively a delight, by comparison, on practically any major Linux desktop. Apple will also deliberately close off XCode versions from you if you are not on the most recent version of the OS.

I had already started to move away from Macs when I remember pulling the Yosemite update that rendered my WIFI completely FUBAR. The only way I could solve the problem without “genious” intervention was to revert to Mavericks. Fortunately I saved a copy of the ISO (knowing they make them impossible to get retroactively) and was able to revert to a working system. Without it, I would have missed releases and been royally screwed.

That won’t even always be possible.

I also considered their gradual “mobile-ification” of the desktop to be very much the wrong direction (at least for what I do), which seemed to drive a more bloated and confusing interface with every release. Also, every release pressured me to put more and more of my stuff into their cloud; also something I found very obnoxious.

I consider the hardware grossly expensive, and it’s getting worse. I did actually price out a machine when I was doing my last laptop purchase, and to get the computing horsepower / RAM I needed, I would have been forced into a Macbook Pro w/ a retina display (that I explicitly did not want) to the tune of ~$2800. Instead, I think I paid about $1400 for a Thinkpad that had absolutely everything I wanted, and nothing more. No discrete graphics because I didn’t want or need it, and a simple 1080 display. I could choose to take the top i7 and 32GB RAM since I need those for what I do. This was not possible with Apple.

I’m rambling, but you get my point. I don’t want to do things the Apple way or be part of their ecosystem, and it was getting continuously harder to not do that and still get my work done. I’m in control of my Linux desktop, and not the other way around.


A new Banana out there now!


Heh. I kind of went back from Mac/OSX to Computers/Linux/Windows. There were two reasons for that in m case.

  1. I dabble in hardware a lot and around 2008-2010 my experience with Apple products was mostly “electronics crammed into plastic enclosures anodized to look like aluminium and held together by something resembling hot glue mixed with that white stuff that accumulates on your lips when you;re really thirsty”.
  2. When it came to OSX the loss of speed and stability with updates. Shit, even Win 8 was better at keeping it’s shit together over time.

So yeah, no more Apple stuff for some time. Will give it a try once again in a year or two if I find a way to get my hands on one without spending to much money. I guess @neuro might be a bit lonely on this one.


Eh? Are you saying Apple’s products made from aluminium aren’t actually made from aluminium? How do you even anodise plastic?





I only have Linux in my house, less a work Windows7 machine. I find that using my Windows machine is not enjoyable at all. For the reason, “I just want my computer to work” is why I use Linux.

I buy hardware that I know will work well with Linux, Printers, scanners, wireless cards, laptops, etc. I don’t just buy cheap hardware but hardware I know works in Linux.

I find it somewhat irritating that it is suggested I can’t get “real work” done in Linux. That is NOT the case for me. The issue is, lack of 3rd party proprietary support with Linux, not Desktop Linux.

For what it’s worth, openSUSE Tumbleweed on Dell Latitude with HP printers.


Now, just where is your sense of adventure? :smile:


That version is ancient though! I mean you’ve got to try out something that’s not a decade old to really see how you like the product. I am really starting to dislike my Windows 10 computer because it feels so buggy and unpolished. There are some good things in there though!

LOL that sounds like something an old geek would say!



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