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I’m thinking about setting up a full 240volts over here. If enough people are interested we could have a meet up on the same night as Live Voltage (20th Feb). If timings allow, even listen to the show that evening. Let me know if you’re interested.


Very cool! Where you based?

As in, where in the UK. :slight_smile:

I’m in Brackley, Northamptonshire. But I’m happy to set this up somewhere more central, Brum maybe?

I think that could be awesome to have a Bad Voltage meet in the UK. I wonder if people want to get together in other countries too. :slight_smile:

I’m in. Even more so if there is a good Italian restaurant nearby so I can demonstrate to @sil that Fegato alla Veneziana is exquisite, or rad, or choice or something, but nothing like the liver we were tortured with at school.

There’s a very nice one in Brackley!

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I see your theory here, but on the night of Live Voltage I will be at Live Voltage, in Los Angeles :slight_smile:

Next Oggcamp it is then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Guys, it’s serious, it’s on a scrum board. This is the tech equivalent to facebook official.

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Nice! It could be fun to have some Bad Voltage meet ups around the world in Feb.

@joe we might be able to work out a live stream. We’ll keep you posted.


A live stream would be great, but would be too late for most people in the UK unfortunately.

I realized that a few seconds after posting. Might still be fun for other locations?

You forget, we’re a bunch of bad ass motherfuckers.

In that case, I’d suggest the UK meet happens Saturday.

Good idea, it may make sense to have this start around lunch time to give people time to get to the location without anyone needing to have a very late night getting home.

Do we have a venue yet? It probably makes sense to pick somewhere fairly central and with good transport links like Birmingham but it does depend on who is up for this and where we all live. I suggest everyone who is up for let us know where they are based so we can get some idea of how many of us there are and choose a suitable location.

I’m based just outside Cambridge

No venues fixed, I was waiting for a couple more people to say “I’m in”. So I could try and get a central point. I’m more than happy with Birmingham at Lunch time (maybe @sil can suggest locations).

Well, as noted I won’t be here, but central Birmingham has Pure Bar or the Lost and Found or upstairs at the Wellington or downstairs at Pitcher and Piano or the Malt House or… well, lots of places which are suitable for a group of people getting together…

Yes I know darling, was looking for your local knowledge. I’ll call them up and see if we can book. Not sure how many we’ll be yet.

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