UK Live Voltage Meeting - Birmingham 21 February -- Who's In?

Continuing the discussion from UK LiveVoltage Mirror:

@joe has volunteered to organise a little get together for the UK members of the Bad Voltage community. We are currently planing to meet up somewhere possibly Birmingham on Saturday 21 February around lunch time.

Both @jonobacon and @sil have expressed an interest but unfortunately neither will be able to make it due to other commitments.

If this is going to happen we will need some idea of numbers so we can decide if we need to book a room or just meet up at a bar somewhere.

If you are interested let us know together with how many additional people, if any, you will be bringing and optionally where about in the country you live so we can choose a central location to minimise the travelling we all have to do. Birmingham has been suggested because it is central but it may not be the ideal location depending on where everyone who intends to join us lives.

I’ll start: I’m in. I live in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire

I would suggest you do this: create a new thread called “Bad Voltage Meetup: 21st Feb 2015, Birmingham UK” and summarize the location (if known), the time, and what you guys plan on doing (e.g. hanging out, few presentations, tech demos, or whatever).

Then ask people to reply if they are interested in joining to reply to the thread. This will keep the thread simple, and I we can promote it on the show and elsewhere to encourage people to reply to join.

Then, if anyone else wants to organize a meetup, they can posts similar threads.

Make sense?

Okay, I’ve provisionally booked the Wellington, Birmingham on 21st February 11am to 3pm. That’s the cheapest from @sil’s list, at £40, so hopefully enough will attend to subsidise that.

I’ve got 4G in Brum, so that should be enough to play the episode, but will need some external speakers.

I just thought about food, as I don’t think that pub is gastro, I’m sure we can order pizza, burgers, soylent (will check with pub).

If we don’t have a critical mass by end of Jan, it might be worth revising the location.

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The Welly (@WellyRealAle on twitter, iirc) doesn’t do food, but they will happily let you order in.

Muchos gracias

I’ll see you there, hopefully we can get a decent crowd together.

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I don’t think I’ve posted in these forums yet, so as good a place as any to start.

This sounds like fun and I will make the journey down if the event is still running.


It’s still on!

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Just to let you know, we will promote this on the next show too. :slight_smile:


Do we have to sign up anywhere?

Just here, so I can get a sense on numbers for the day.

Also now taking lunch suggestions


Just to be certain. Can you confirm this is the venue: The Wellington Real Ale?

I suggest we go with somthing simple like pizza. We can order in once we know how many people have turned up.

See you on Saturday.

Yep, that’s the one. See you then

Just finished getting recording the stream. The audio’s a bit shit, but it’s all there. See you all later, I’m off to get some sleep.

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