UK after Brexit: The attack of privicy begins

Google is planning to move the accounts of UK users from Ireland to the US taking them out of EU control and therefore removing the protections we had under EU law regarding our data.

“There’s a bunch of noise about the U.K. government possibly trading away enough data protection to lose adequacy under GDPR, at which point having them in Google Ireland’s scope sounds super-messy,” according to Lea Kissner, Google’s former lead for global privacy technology.

Further details can be found here:

Reuters: Google users in UK to lose EU data protection


The UK Tory party have threatened to take more control over the internet before.

Should we be worried about this move? I can ‘sort of’ understand the argument that if we are not part of the EU our data should not be on EU servers but we are not part of the US either.

In addition the government is trying to limit the powers of both the press and the judiciary.

It’s hard to see why, unless they are trying to stifle scrutiny but see here:

Video from Commons

The Register’s article suggested it was because Google didn’t want to deal with flip-flopping during trade negociations between the UK and post-Brexit partners.

That’s not how the GDPR works. If you process personal data of citizens from states covered by GDPR-compliant legislation, you are liable for how that data is processed, regardless of where that data is processed.

The only way we lose our GDPR protections is if the UK government changes the legislation after the transition period is over, not by a single entity changing their data processing location.

Hi @neuro are you saying that if the servers remain in the EU we could still lose GDPR protection if the UK decides to abandon the legislation? I see moving data to US server as preliminary move to allow the UK to abandon GDPR as part of a US/UK trade deal. I hope to be proven wrong on this.

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