Ubuntu Phone: The Movie


As discussed on Season 2 Episode 2 in our movies review:

We mused on what a movie about the Ubuntu Phone would be called. We want to hear your suggestions. Also who would play the different characters, what would the story be, how many explosions would there be (well, this is not Samsung, the movie)?

How about it.


Mark Shuttleworth obviously playing Bruce Wayne/Batman.


Obviously Brad Pitt for any character Mr Langridge plays.


My proposals:

  1. Fifty shades of purple
  2. Fantastic Bugs and Where to Find Them
  3. Geeks Unityed

Sorry, usually I’m good at puns but English is just my 4th language.


Seeing as Hollywood has a fixation on single word names at the moment: “Convergence”.


Whatever the title of this movie, I think these should be the actors:

Mark Shuttleworth played by Jonny Lee Miller:

Jane Silber played by Emma Thompson:


Matt Zimmerman played by Jesse Eisenberg:

Stefano Zacchiroli (in his role as DPL) played by Jean Reno:

Bill Gates played by Rick Moranis:


John C. Reilly as rms


T. J. Miller as a young @sil


This brick as the Ubuntu phone.


Feels a lot like Lalaland.

So how about BuBuland?

A fateful couple so perfect for each other. Yet choosing to part ways each in their own right.

One becoming a superstar in an established industry. One continuing an awesome tradition.

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