Ubuntu phone and Facebook ap

the Facebook ap on the aquaria phone does not work …and ideas please

Have you tried turning it off and on again ?

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I was going to recommend upgrading it to Cyanogenmod, but the IT Crowd style answer is better :slight_smile:

Bad Voltage may not be the best place to get support for Ubuntu, I’m not sure how many people here use it. I don’t even know if the majority of us are Linux users, though I suspect we are.

To that end rather than trying to solve your problem for you, even if I could, I am going to suggest some other places where you may get an answer.

Ask Ubuntu is a stackexchange site dedicated to Ubuntu issues. Its worth searching this site for an answer before posting a question though as stackechange sites are not keen on duplicate, or near duplicate, questions.

You can ask a question on the Ubuntu Forums there are lots of people there who are more than happy to help.

There is also Launchpad which is a bug tracking and support site.

There are probably other sites that I have forgotten about but any of these would be a good start I suggest.

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