Ubuntu 15.04 name released: Vivid Vervet

Vivid Vervet. Seriously. I’m trying to think of the next one, maybe it should be Weeping Walrus. You could build a haiku around that probably.

The weeping walrus
Comes into the room
And makes it dry.

It’s a work in progress.


Ubuntu 14.10 “Utopic Unicorn” is due out on Thursday so its time the next release was named.

If you would like to suggest a name for 15.10 you can add one here: Development Code Names on the Ubuntu Wiki though I don’t know if Mark Shutteworth pays any attention to it before he chooses the name for the next release. Has has often picked something that was not suggested by anyone else.

Omg… A retarded monkey running my PC at work is a funny imagination :smiley:

I actually rather enjoy the names. I think they ackowledge that 1) version numbers all blur together in your head and 2) semi-syntactical combainations of nonsense stick much better.

Really whish everyone did the same thing.

That said, sticking with mint/arch. I have a hard time sticking with Ubuntu, because I expect a lot more of it. Like if arch dies on me, I know it’s my fault. When the ubuntu gui install fails, it makes me much more sad.

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There will never ever be a cooler name than “Utopic Unicorn”. It’s so FLUFFFFFYYYYYYY!!!


Today I showed the different release names to my girlfriend and she found some of them especially cute, like “saucy salamander” or “vivid vervet” :slight_smile:

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My first thought was…What the eff is a Vervet?..so i googled it…its a monkey with metalic coloured blue balls…im not sure what to do with that

Oh, I missed that blue balls thing. :smiley:
So every Ubuntu fanboy needs to color his balls blue in April 2015?

I think the average Linux fan has blue balls any way


16.04 Wanking Wallaby will compensate for that.

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