Ubuntu 14.04 lts

Quick question and not flame-baiting but when should i upgrade my 12.04lts to the new 14.04lts? is it safe day one or should i wait a week and let the day one eff ups get patched?

Depends how paranoid you are. I have been running 14.04 for two months and it is solid. If you are worried though, wait a week. The first few days the mirrors will be slammed anyway.

depends what you need it for. I’ve been using 14.04 for like a month on my personal dev laptop at home already. on the other hand, at work for our servers? in a few weeks we’ll probably start spinning up some test 14.04 servers, deploying to them and running our test suites to see how stuff is, fixing bugs, and then eventually deploying them hopefully before summer, because then we can justify upgrading our work desktops (and that I am very looking forward to becasue 14.04 >> 12.04 )

sweet cheers jonobacon and dan, will install xubuntu 14.04 transvestite tramp tonight

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3 days in and not a problem, so i iho get on that

I just got a new desktop so I didn’t have a lot of stuff on it, so I ended up installing 14.04 from scratch. No problem whatsoever.

However, updating my pro laptop from 12.04 was another story.

The upgrade started, told me there would be thousands of packages to be updated/removed/installed, then started the process… After about 30-40 minutes, Compiz crashed (ah, Compiz…), so I lost the ability to switch between windows or move them. I couldn’t see the little Python upgrading program, so I didn’t know what was the status. However, Ctrl+Alt+F1 and htop helped me to see there was still activities going on, so I waited about an hour until nothing seemed to move anymore, and I restarted the computer… aaaaaand nothing.

In the end, I had to swipe my partition and install a fresh 14.04.

After that, I had a lot of troubles installing nVidia drivers and Skype, but I realized after a while it was because Ubuntu was using a not up-to-date server… I started a discussion about that on ubuntu-quality mailing list, we’ll see where this takes us, cause even though in the end everything is working fine, it took me quite a number of hours to figure out what was going on (I had a shitload “unmet dependencies” issues), and that is not good to new users who are not based in the US (i.e. that will have a different server than the Main Server).

I like what the Elementary guys have done with it.

I’m a rolling release guy. Update as soon as possible is my way to go. But in most distros that would easily break your system in some point. It’s no problem in Arch or Gentoo. Ubuntu 14.04 is quite stable though at the moment. And the packages I need at work are available for it. If you use a lot of additional/user repos, be sure to check whether they support 14.04.

I’ve been trying Xubuntu and Elementary OS. My biggest gripe with 14.04 desktop so far is the migration to “Light Locker”. It seems very broken and won’t actually turn the monitor off on two of the machines I have tried it on so far. I’m wondering how the heck betaish quality software like that got into an LTS.

Also there have been some packages in Ubuntu broken for over two years now (not quite sure why they are still in the repo at all) but I use other distros for those now.

While not an Ubuntu guy myself anymore, I always try and stay on the most-recent release as much as possible so that I can help work out the issues as soon as possible.

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