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It’s been a topic you have debated doing since early in Lugradio but never have.

The Bad Voltage Summer of Code 2015

You’ve mentioned enough times that you want to expand beyond linux somewhat so some simple criteria:

You each have been given $2.5m monopoly dollars to spend philanthropically to further projects you find important and/or interesting in the technology sector. Just a few examples: This can be from development on the kernel, to funding the development of raspberry pi’s. You can buy shares in companies to help manoeuvre them towards your goals. You can bribe politicians and MEP’s or just run big marketing campaigns, you can sponsor the many hours of therapy that person who stuck a Pi under his skin obviously needs. Or you can just sit and lament that you are still mere peasants compared to the Shuttleworth.

I hear you asking Jeremy, yes sponsoring the sudden unexplained and permanent “disappearance” of a certain Mr Lunduke may also qualify as progressing the technology scene. Meanwhile I imagine Bryan dreams of having his next Linux Sucks talk broadcast on worldwide television networks, the first half anyway, presumably the rest will be reserved for future use shorting Canonical stock if they go public.

Meanwhile I hope Stuart will be signing up for a second course of electro shock therapy to restore his free software passion and zealotry. Presumably Jono will create and assume leadership of the Community Xprize Community Leadership Panel of Localised Community Leaders for the Development of the Community including a fancy website and an at best vague set of responsibilities. Or just buy the worlds largest collection of immensely unaffordable gadgets to fuel his review segments for years to come.

I love this idea, thanks for sharing! :smile:

I think it could be fun and spark ideas in listeners too.

Can I further the progress of open source by buying myself 2.7 million Fry’s Turkish Delights?

I like this segment suggestion. We should add it to the queue!

GNU/Fry’s Turkish Delights, please.

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