Thwacking the "hour of code" video | Weekend Film [Week '15x47]

Lets have a look at this video for a second.
Lets digest it, gnash & knead it, and lets see it run through our constitution for a minute or two.

Firstly there 's a kind of truculence to this video. Obama thinks he’s convincing the world that he’s going to get people to code. But that’s not really how he comes across. He’s hoping to play that game he played in the arcade back in the 80’s or get a device that should fix all of his woes.

Secondly, I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to find you any decent videos on youtube for the weekend film. I torrented the Martian (not that I’m recommendng doing that) at the offy and I haven’t had time to consider other channnels at the moment. Apologies.
Let’s move on.

Effectively because of his “having two left feet” he tries to approach the subject of coding the same way that you would go to church or go to a language meet-up - he basically pre-supposes that he is in a “Cathedral of code” - a definite error from a free software P.o.View.
You could always use bookingly for that.

I jUst wonder sometimes how older, more senior non-coders approach the issue of how to broach the coding communty, at large ? Maybe it’s a question that like @jonobacon shall experience from Github -

  • it’s about wiki’s.
    • it’s about hubs of communication.
    • it’s about going to conferences and working in smll groups.
  • It’s about not convincing people that winblows is bad - but holding their hand while the jump off the ledge and close the deal in terms of finding a GNU+Linux solution that meets their concerns.

I mean where was OpenHatch in all of this ?
Where was the meta-discussion about who’s using trello on twitter to set up a trending job table, or something ?

These are the things that were missed.
I’m letting it all out at the moment - this how I chillax and usu. do netflopxs.
But there needs to be a convergence about not just the platform ; but the code that this surmises.

And this missed the boat. Bad luck Obama, next time I hope that you can tell the tale of how you found the bazaar, and not the cathedral - to be fascinating.


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