The Well Tempered API

I just watched this great talk By Lars from Mozilla over at air Mozilla.
I’m not a programmer but I am familiar with code.
I think I found the short history lesson in music the more interesting part of the talk, for me anyway.
Socorro, the Firefox Crash reporter was interesting though, I do love how he shows the
familiarity’s of music and code
It’s said that musicians make good programmers, so I have been told
It’s about an hour long but worth the watch.
the Well Tempered API

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A while back - right in the early days when USB was just turning over to 2.0 - I saw an electronic keyboard on ebay for maybe $50 that just plugged into the computer and you’d learn how to play, right there and then.

I never did, yet learn how to play the piano - but I was just wondering if they’d ported those keyboards over the Linux yet ?

Anyone seen one, recently ?

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