The Sun Gets It So Wrong Again, sigh

Saw this article Mr. Corbyn’s, “Digital Democracy Manifesto” for GBritain.

Sigh. not again !

The Sun Gets It So Wrong Again is hardly news: I have so little confidence in the News International publications that I don’t even trust they have the correct date never-mind anything else.

The argument that Open Source software is somehow less secure than Closed Source, propriety, software is clearly wrong since open source code gets more scrutiny as any anyone with the relevant software skills can examine the source to look for any vulnerabilities.

Closed Source software is inherently less secure since:

  • An unscrupulous programmer can add back-doors to skim off sensitive data for their own ends.

  • There are fewer eyes on the code so it’s easier for unintentional errors that lead to bugs or security vulnerabilities to go undetected.

Of course, while I try use open source as much as possible, I also use propriety software as it is often the only option available because developers need to make money.

I’ll just leave this here


Yeah - that was on twitter @joe

The worst part is the average person will not see the flaws in the argument and most likely believe it.

The Europe we joined back then was very different to the European Union we are currently members of.

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