The Soyuz TMA-15M Rocket Launch

This morning, well it was morning in my neck of the woods.
I watched Via a live stream over at the ESA website, the Soyuz TMA-15M Rocket Launch
carrying three Astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station).

I was in Absolute Awe watching this as I sat at my desk in my very boring office job.
The excitement and fear watching this spacecraft ignite considering what happened to
Antaries a few weeks ago,

I think what really got me though was the capsule cam, the Astronauts looked so calm as
they went through their check lists while this Rocket wasaccelerating upward into space.
Then again they are trained for it I suppose.

I missed the Docking with the ISS as I was heading home at the time, so I thought It would
probably be on the local news. I don’t know why I thought this, surprise surprise not a word, though apparently Russell Crowe iswanking on about something, I don’t know…

Anyway this may be boring to some but to me it was amazing so I thought I would post my



The impression I have is that it takes serious time to train one into being an astronaut. Not sure what this means for Virgin Galactic and whatnot…

I think Engineering wise, most space craft are the equivalent of experimental jet fighters. They are thoroughly over-engineered, but rely on a pilot who’s able to act under pressure. I think most astronauts start off as test pilots. The kind of guys who can not only fly, but engineer new solutions in life or death situations.

But as the number of space flights grows, maybe that will change. Maybe a reasonable level of safety is possible. Maybe.

@ruenoak, that was awesome to read. :slight_smile:

The safety film they present at the beginning of the flight will be Starflight!

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