The Project about Offering DC voltage to VIN


I have an amorphous solar panel which voltage is 2.8V to 3V.
Now I am considering to connect such two solar panel. If I do that the voltage will exceed the Under-voltage protection threshold of LTC3588. Well,I connect it to VIN directly at present.I would like to know whether can it output 3.6V stably after the DC changed by LTC3588? Is it a terminal pressure? I have brought a LTC3588 from this site . Is it suitable here? And I don’t know why the vcc output is variable ? Anybody could tell me?

Your help will be appreciated ! Thanks a million!

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Hey there! This is the forum for Bad Voltage, which is an online radio show about technology, software, and interesting topics. It’s not actually about voltages :slight_smile: However, we have a pretty smart set of listeners, so I bet there’s someone here who knows about this stuff and can help! BV community, please speak on and give preliminary some advice and suggestions about how to deal with this solar panel problem.


As pointed out by @sil this may not be the best site for such questions and you make want to consider asking this question on another site such as this one: Electrical Engineering on Stack Exchange.

That said I am an electronics design engineer by trade so If you want to pursue it here instead provide more details and I, or if there are any other electronics engineers on this site will take a look.

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Otherwise, poke around here in the forums, or better, listen to the show. You will probably find that you will like it.

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