The McFly Hoverboard Exists (sort of)

Here it is.

Marty McFly on his Hoverboard

Yeah, I am not sure that counts. :slight_smile:

How can it not count? It has Marty McFly on it!

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Mainly because I am not sure I would want to ride a hoverboard like that. :slight_smile:

OK, this then :grinning:

No !

It’s Ok, this then. :ghost:

Wait what, why are there pages, on the website I’m not allowed to look at because I’m from the UK. How does that make any damn sense.

There’s ALWAYS a way around the Beebbc . @KieranMckenzie Try here.

Oh yea I can get around it sure but like. It’s the British Broadcasting Company. It’s funded through tax payers. I’m sure there’s a decent legal sounding reason involving BBC worldwide or something but the idea that I can’t as a British citizen in the UK access some BBC pages is mindblowing.

Saw this today. More of a concept - but watch the verge vid. to see more.

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