The makeup of Mr Dodd

As you may well be aware …

one of my childhood heros’ passed last night.

I suggest the next show is dedicated to Mr Ken Dodd.

perhaps you could suggest show title’s at least (for the next show)

for @jeremy et al. to contemplate before the Scale conference.

restart in peace Ken Dodd.

Almost didn’t reply to this but feel I have to.

For a certain generation of British fans he will be missed but i have no idea how well he is known outside the UK.

He was right in in one respect:

Happyness, Happyness the greatest gift that we can posses,

He thanked the lord, for being blessed, and I hope most of us do, I would not ascribe it to god, but the kindness of others. I also recognise we don’t always understand when the love is being offered.

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