The Lunduke Hour

I just saw on Bryan’s Youtube Channel that he has The Lunduke Hour up and running. I’m converting them to mp3 and look forward to a good listen. He mentioned on his website that he will be releasing them in other forms soon. I wish him success.


In case you hadn’t heard, his Patreon supporters get a podcast feed.

I fail to see why someone cannot just share the RSS feed here ?

Then what would be the incentive to support @bryanlunduke Patreon account? It isn’t much to convert a Youtube video to mp3. Also, he has released his content on an open license (creative commons?) so if one wanted to make a feed, it would be okay with him (he said as much on an early episode).

Why would I want to support a non-Coder ?

Anyway, I know no-one will share the RSS feed, because in fact, they are just mean.
and that’s that.

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If you don’t find any value in something, then that is a good question. But think of the non-Coders you support when getting a hamburger! :smile:

I wonder if Bryan’s ambition was greater than his capability. Or it may be that he’s having a hard time finding one’s to interview. He initially was going to have four shows a week. It’s been hit or miss lately. Sometimes just one show being his Linux Thursday. I hope he can get more going.


Bryan will share it with you. For $2 a month. Is that too much a price for you to pay, if you’re that keen to listen?

Technically there is nothing to stop me or anybody else sharing it.

Morally because we love @bryanlunduke. I’m sure Bryan would be happy for anyone who genuinely can’t afford it to get his feed for free because he is a nice guy, But, most of us have a little to spare each each month and if you want to hear Bryan’s views we should support him, he is not asking for an excessive amount of money.

Bryan is amongst other things a coder, not only a coder, and if you want to hear his insights support him by paying for his RSS feed. If you are not interested don’t.

I think it would be more mean of me to deny Bryan a source of income. I have played people some of Bryan’s stuff in the past in the hope that they would subscribe and become regulars.

There are things I do for free such as being a moderator here on Bad Voltage, I love this community and I am happy to do all I can to keep it flowing smoothly. I am also a consultant engineer: If you want my professional services I can provide them but they will be accompanied by an invoice,

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