The Laws of Lunduke

I’m not sure what made Bryan release this today on YouTube but I have to agree with him here.

  • Be excellent to each other

  • Don’t be bogus

  • Party on Dude.


He took shots at :frowning: It was incidental, but nonetheless. There are other things too the last little while, but that was the latest. I don’t know the guy at all but you can tell he’s a good guy…he just needs to learn that click bait has consequences and that you’re not just an entertainer playing a role if your audience perceives you as more. I hope he does grow from this :slight_smile:

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Bryan and Matt had an interesting discussion on click bait and “The Year of the Linux Desktop”.

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I would say that he is a good guy.
He’s just coming at it from the wrong angle.

@bryanlunduke is a microsoft developer initially, then a ‘Linux guy’ adventurer, second.

I try not to judge, but I think he basically set-up his own channel etc, because, he wanted to be the big-kahuna.
… as far a Linux.

But is he any different from someone like Swapnil Bhartiya ?

not really but lets take that as an example, and see the similarities.

Both cewebrities are from religious backgrounds, and while they have ‘moved-away’ from it ; I don’t see how they have ‘left the cathedral’.
Don’t get me wrong I appreciate that Bryan has values because of his R.E., and I would never want him to change that, but when he makes the mistake of wanting everything to emulate the convenience of windows, and then secondly splashing his name all over the place, it’s - just a turn off.
I guess I am really not interested in someone who fails the narcissism-check. That is, never use your real name online, you just don’t. Unless ofcourse, you want to be a political pawn, in which case, what the heck are you doing in Linux-land anyway ?
As a side note I never actually ‘hear’ about OpenSuse in his videos - like hardly ever.
even though he is supposed to be their marketing guy.
But its his gig & I don’t want-to create bad karma.
Lastly, and I doubt it would make a difference, but lets challenge Lunduke with a question from his github page.
That is, how much do these bounty-levels [ 1 , 2 ] need to be in order to be enough to get fixed ?

If you can’t quantify you own work, then how the heck is anyone else supposed to ?

and I would say that to anyone on github, aswell.

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Sorry for a bit of a thread-derail, but most open-source development is signed by people using their real names. On IRC and forums, sure, but when it comes to working in a team or actually doing things people will sign their work. Some people might even claim that only using a handle is hiding behind it (for sometimes valid reasons).
And pretending like Linux has no politics? Just because there aren’t parties don’t underestimate how much personal politics plays a role in open source; and the free/libre RMS crowd are different explicitly by their politics.

More on topic, I’m non-religious but the Golden rule is a damn good one to live by, however you choose to write it (and this sounds pretty much the same).

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If you’re talking about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I’ve actually been a few rounds with him elsewhere under another pseudonym waaay back when the whole ‘house that apple…’ thing happened and he does not have it. I’ve encountered a lot of people around FOSS who do, but not him. I feel like I’d just be dishing gos about Bryan if I commented further because, again, I’ve never met the guy and I don’t know him at all.

I actually thought about this pretty hard a while ago when I decided that, due to my concern over the GPL diminishing in usage, that I was just going to have to GPL some stuff my damn self. I’m a non-technical user and so do not have a programmers brain (tee hee, what’s left of it after the 90’s :p) nor any idea what I’m doing really…but the sad state of affairs is that we as a community are loosing our hobbyists :frowning: Learning to get stuff to “make go” in python was not as hard as deciding whether or not to GPL under my real name. In the end, I decided to use my real name as I felt it would detract from the GPL if I were to use a pseudonym (although I really wanted to!). That left me with another problem; I have an online reputation as being a massive asshole. Not because I’ve ever engaged in any assholery per se…it’s just that assholes have a habit of calling people they disagree with assholes. If you’ve nothing to counter a false reputation with, well, then that’s the only reputation you have. I’m working on something right now that I know is going to piss off some people in the community and I’m also not so naive to think I can hide behind user names if I’m actually looked at closely. I need a true representation and a proper reputation based on who I actually am (and yeah, I know I’m a weirdo, but hopefully people think a nice weirdo :)) This concept was probably expressed in Bryans head simply as “Branding!” but I suspect he may share my motivations.

I think it would be difficult to be taken seriously as an anonymous Linux focused tech journalist.


So what?

If that is how he wants to focus his career, and he is able to feed his family, more power to him. While I often disagree with @bryanlunduke, a lot of people love the content he pushes out and he has carved out a nice little audience. Good for him.


@jonobacon Aw, c’mon now, let’s not go there. We all know Lunduke is capable of pulling his weight financially in his family otherwise. The apparent fact is…
he likes the attention.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s face it though, the guy is the male Nixie Pixel… he’s just found a different way to get dopamine to release in peoples brains. I think what we’ve been witnessing since the google memo episode is him sticking his toe out experimenting and learning where the lines are. I think he’ll also soon notice who the people supporting him crossing those lines actually are though :0 Like I said before, I’m fairly certain he doesn’t have NPD and will pull back. He has historically. Yeah, I’ve rolled my eyes at a lot of what he’s been saying recently, but only that because I know he’s not actually a threat nor a horrid person. I think that’s a privilege I have from watching him for years, I get that others may not have that privilege. He is what he is; Personally, for the most part, liked :slight_smile:

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I don’t think recent @bryanlunduke is all that different to the @bryanlunduke we have seen before. He has always been fervent in his own view, even if that view is unpopular. There are countless examples in the Bad Voltage history where he has said things that have generated both support and contempt.

Does he love attention? Of course he does, and I he has been upfront in that. Does he say things for clickbait? Sure he does. Do I disagree with him? Often. Either way, I think he is a good guy with interesting opinions and I for one enjoy seeing him share them online, no matter how mad they might be - the most powerful button in the world is the “off” switch.


Tag his name three times to summon Lunduke!

A bunch of people thought it would be fun to declare me a “Nazi”, “Fascist”, etc… Being as that’s a load of hogwash, I felt compelled to reply in my own way. It actually appears to have done the job rather nicely… most of those people have simply clammed up. :slight_smile:

I actually did not do that. I stated what RiseUp states they do and what they do. Any perceived shot at them is purely in the minds of those who view/hear the words.

Unlikely. Lunduke is pretty damned juvenile.

Nope. Not at all.

If we’re going on what platform I first developed for… that’d probably be Apple II.

If we’re going on what computer company I first worked for… that’d be HP.

Huh. I don’t know about being “the big kahuna” (though I love that term)… but if you’re wondering why I set up my own channel and focus on content that… it’s so that I can produce the kinds of shows I want to produce. Really that simple.


Yes, really.

I have, in no way, moved away from my faith. You don’t seem to know much about me… but you sure like talking about me! :slight_smile:

I’m starting to wonder if you have me confused with someone else entirely.

Could you point to me where I talk about how everything should “emulate the convenience of windows”? I can recall making fun of Windows… but I haven’t even touched a Windows machine (more than in passing at a shop or something) in years and years.

The “Narcissism-Check” is “if you use your real name online”? That’s a weird test to check for narcissism.

Also… I disagree. If you have something of value to say… put your name on it. Put your face on it. Be proud of what you say, what you do, what you stand for. Hiding behind a mask is the cowards approach (at least in most cases).

  1. openSUSE (not OpenSuse)
  2. I’m an elected member of the board… not the marketing guy.
  3. I’ve had multiple videos dedicated to nothing but openSUSE this year alone.

Just because someone else wants me to do something for 5 bucks… doesn’t mean I’m going to. I’ve released a HUGE amount of code under the GPL. Every single project that I have the rights to do so for. And you attack me for not fixing someones bug on a project because there’s a $5 bounty on it? And that makes me… bad?

Too late. You acted like a dick. Act like a dick, make bad karma. Bad Karma friggin’ activated, Mr. “I’m too afraid to use my own identity when I attack others”.


Word. Nearly impossible.

This is true. :slight_smile:

Also true. :slight_smile:

Love you too, buddy. Side note: You boys have been rocking the show lately. Keep it up.

Word. I will always say what I think. Doesn’t matter if others agree with it or not.

I think we can all find some examples of that. :slight_smile:

Hell yes I do! Especially compliments. LOOOOOVE compliments. :slight_smile:

Just to make one thing kinda clear here:

When I talk about a topic… I don’t do so because it is “click bait”, I do so because I want to talk about that topic. Sometimes it’s an important topic. Other times I simply think it’s interesting or fun to talk about. But never because it’s “click bait”. That said… when I craft the headlines and titles… I do so, based on the content, to get maximum eye-balls.

Which is often mistaken for click-bait. But it’s just good title-crafting. :slight_smile:

This is probably the right stance to take.

Because ya can’t stop me, suckaz!



I’d have to agree here @bryanlunduke has always been attention seeking and often outspoken in his views whether they have been popular or unpopular. That’s what makes him Bryan. I’ll continue to give him my support both when we are in broad agreement and when we don’t.

Many of the people who came to bad voltage initially came, at least in part because we wanted to hear his views and those of us who still listen to him on his podcast or follow him on Twitter still do. But, nobody is forcing anybody to follow him.

Note: I am not expressing support for all of Bryan’s views here, though many I do, I am expressing my support for him to make those views known.


Why? There are plenty of times I want to be anonymous and this is important I am able to hide my identity when I want to. I choose not to here on BV and in a few other places but if you want to be heard you have to be credible and that means you have to exist as a real person and not just an anonymous seren-name

I have met @sil twice @jonobacon once, and I’m not aware of having met @jeremy or @bryanlunduke ever though I would welcome a meeting.

There are times we need to stand clear and announce our existence because we want our voices to be heard

I am neither Jewish, Christian or any other religion but if these are the Lunduke’s views why should he not express them? I have no problem with him being comfortable with his religious choices while and will be happy to explain why I think they are wrong I fully accept his right not to listen my views.


Like “The Year of the Linux Desktop”? :smile:

I enjoyed you and Matt giving some insight on how this all works behind the writing scene. Thanks.

I can still hope :wink: Though yes, there will most likely be much eye rolling in the future too. I know that. The same way I roll my eyes when my senior citizen dad jokingly hits on the waitress when we go to dinner… every. single. time. At the end of the day though, awkwardness and all, ya can’t help but laugh and enjoy the quirks overall :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think laws of lunduke was click bait at all - infact I’ve not watched it.

Last nights video? Absolute click bait!


You’re conflating narcissism with transparency.


and\or brass barcone.

Um, wat?    

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