The Jono Bacon Community app

I made an (android only) app so that you can carry some wise words on community around with you all the time.



The sheer brass neck involved in pitching for an endorsement here deserves some respect :slight_smile:

(also: installed)


It is deeply disturbing seeing an icon on my Android phone with my face on it. I can only wonder what future widom may appear in the app.

Also, on a side note, @ralight, it seems to crash a lot on my phone. Maybe it is person. :slight_smile:

@jonobacon what phone is it? It works fine on low end phones like mine, I’m betting you’ve got something with a very high resolution?

Google Pixel XL. The app works fine, just seems to crash quite a bit. Maybe it is the face. :slight_smile:

As long as your wife and your son are happy with your face I wouldn’t be overly concerned if a phone, or even several of them, does not like it.


I made some changes and tested it with the latest Android Studio beta that has a profile for the Pixel XL. No crashes so far!

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Saw this review of the Pixel XL -comparing to iOS.

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