The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I know a few suggestions have gone into the main thread for the episode, but I thought I’d fork it as it migt get big.

The good:
Pulp Fiction - So much quotable content and a great intertwining of stories.

The bad:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Really didn’t think this film would ever appeal to me but I really, really enjoyed it. One of Jim Carrey’s best.

The ugly:
Only God Forgives - watched this in the cinema after loads of hype; absolute shite.

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Thanks for kicking this off, @joe!

Would love to hear everyone’s picks.

The Good: Blade Runner
Aq is wrong. It’s a film the same age as me, so maybe it’s the cult status thing mentioned before, but it’s damn good. Of course, this means I’m nervous about the upcoming sequel.

The Bad: Welcome to the Jungle (a.k.a. The Rundown in some territories)
From when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was starting his transition from WWE Superstar to movie star, it’s just a great fun, unpretentious adventure with over acting from everyone from beginning to end.

The Ugly: 2001: A Space Odyssey
I appreciate the film making, cinematography and its place in history, but… it took me several attempts to watch it without falling asleep!

Thinking about films reminded me that I made a list of what I watched when I used to have a Cineworld Unlimited card (Title~Date~My Rating~Run time). It illustrates that the number of times I saw a film didn’t necessarily depend on whether I liked it, I’m surprised at how I liked or disliked certain films at the time and there are quite a few I have absolutely no recollection of whatsoever, such as Street Kings and Torque. I can however, strongly recommend avoiding the films I gave 0/5 to: Garfield, Steal, A Hole in My Heart and Nine Songs

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Awright, Mr Pickle! How goes it?

This is another of my guilty pleasures. Not a bad film, but I love it. David Ayer directing, Keanu Reeves, Vice cop slash enforcer, swigging vodka miniatures while roaring around Central LA in a Dodge Challenger, Forrest Whittaker as the dodgy Vice captain, Hugh Laurie as the sweary IA guy … love it.

I didn’t understand that movie until I read the book. But, without that movie, there wouldn’t have been the absolutely hilarious scene when Harvey was dying in Farscape!

The Good: Cat Ballou, a 1960s western comedy with Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda.

The Bad: Oscar, the one serious attempt at comedy by Sylvester Stallone that didn’t suck. Maybe it’s my peculiar sense of humor, but I adore the film.

The Ugly: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I adore the steampunk/steamtech genre, and there are so few films that have it. But then this one and Wild Wild West came out and guaranteed that Hollywood won’t touch the genre for decades. Beautiful special effects with stupid stories and totally unlikable characters.

Off the top of my head, The Matrix Trilogy actually fits the bill quite well.

Nice. The Matrix was particularly awesome for many reasons. The Matrix Reloaded wasn’t consistently great, but the car/bike/fight sequence was incredible, plus it featured nmap. The Matrix Revolutions was just awful.

Good shout, crow!

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