The First FFOS Phone Worth Buying?

KDDI has annouced their first FFOS phone called the Fx0. It has by far the highest specs of any FFOS phone i’ve seen.

This is the transparent thing? I saw it but I thought someone had stolen a mainboard from the factory or something without a case on. I don’t think I’d like a transparent phone, high specs or not… but I’m glad it exists :smile:

The first Firefox OS phone worth buying? It runs Firefox OS, so … no. </phonesnob>

@neuro, not a fan of FireFox OS? I have not used it myself.

Well personally I don’t understand the appeal of firefox phone if you’re using mid-level phone hardware +
Firefox OS is meant to run on low end, and all the apps to my knowlage are HTML5, and thus I don’t think it takes advantage of any of the hardware, so I don’t understand the apeal of anything more then low end devices using it, becuase it doesn’t do much more then it would do on a low end phone?

Look at WebGL, you can use hardware with HTML5.

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