The Chrismas day episode

@jonobacon, @sil, @bryanlunduke and @jeremy by my calculations the next Bad Voltage podcast is due out on Christmas day. Will I have another great podcast I listen to? I’m sure it will be more interesting than most of the TV scheduled for that day.

I also appreciate that this time of year is an important time to spend with family so nobody here would blame you for taking a break over the Hanukkah, Christmas and New year period.

Is there going to be a Christmas day episode and if not when do intend to release the next episode?

When ever it is I expect it will be brilliant as usual and I’m looking forward to it very much.

In the mean time I’d like to send you all (and everyone in the rest of this fine community) Seasons greetings (Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, etc. as appropriate to you religious or non-religious beliefs) and wish us all the best for the remainder of this year and my hope that we all have a happy New Year.

+1 hope they make it.

Yep, you can expect another episode - this will be our final episode of 2014. :smile:

Thanks! Likewise, happy holidays to everyone in the BV community! :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, I’ll listen to it instead of the Queen’s speech, unless we can somehow arrange for @neuro to do the speech instead.

I trust you and your family are all on Santa’s “nice list” and hope he brings you all something nice

Merry Christmas

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