The Bad Voltage Selfie Competition!

Here are two with me and my son.

Here is me with my O’Reilly books.

Me with the current book I’m reading.

Me with one of my favorite books.

In the mirror. Used GIMP to get it to print correctly.

Holy moly, we are getting some awesome entries in - keep 'em coming!

Your son is adorable. You should win just for that. Except there are photos of our son coming soon. He’s gonna give you a run for your money :wink:

Thank you. He also has a wonderful personality and is almost always happy.

I want to give a quick explanation of the my photos. I put a little thought into them.

  • I did five entries since 1st place is five books and you could do as many as you wanted.
  • I posted the pictures to five different places to get Bad Voltage more exposure.
  • I knew I was going to do one with my son as is my world. I did two with my son as I couldn’t choice which I liked better. Both pictures where posted to Facebook as that is the go to site to post pictures of your kid.
  • I had to do a post with my O’Reilly books since their books are the prize. I choose Instagram since they sold out to Facebook and I’m being a sellout for posting with O’Reilly books. :wink:
  • I wanted to show the technical book I am currently reading thinking that my help show I would appreciate winning five technical books. The author currently has Volume 2 up on Kickstarter. I posted this picture to Twitter as that is where you post what you are doing currently.
  • I wanted to show my technical love for Linux. This book is my one reference book that I wish I had the time to just sit down and read all the way thru. I posted this picture to Google+ as that is where you find lots of technical posts.
  • For the last post I wanted to do a simple picture that required a little effort. I had wanted to use an open source command line tool to do the rotation and flip, but ended up using GIMP as I know @bryanlunduke uses it and I knew I could do what I needed to in a matter of seconds. I hosted this on my VPS that I use for hosting stuff. I use Linode and I highly recommend them.

February or March ???

The Bad Voltage Selfie Competition closes today - get your entries in to win a collection of free O'Reilly books -

— Jono Bacon (@jonobacon) February 25, 2014

The contest is now closed, folks, thanks for all the fantastic entries! The winners are announced in the show tomorrow!

The Winners!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, batteries and sausage dogs…I am delighted to announce the winners of the very first Bad Voltage competition. Be sure to listen to for all the details about how we picked the winners and what we thought of the contest.

On behalf of all the presenters, I want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who participated in the contest. It really demonstrates how fun-loving our little slice o’life over here is becoming. :slight_smile:

The Winner - @andris

We couldn’t believe the lenghs @andris went to snap this beauty, going so far as to almost burn his house down:

@andris wins four O’Reilly books of his choice. Why one less book? Well, read on…

The Runner Up(s) - @cedeon and @girts

The Bad Voltage team were in a solid draw when it came to the runner up, so we are picking two.

Firstly, there is this from @cedeon, which is very “on message” with the vibe of naughty electronics:

…and then this just gave us a bad case of the LOLs, from @girts:

Both @cedeon and @girts win two O’Reilly books each, nabbing one from @andris, but we assume @andris is cool about this. If not, we will nip to a local Borders and walk out with it under our jackets.

Honorable Mention

@landon, oh, @landon, we loved all the pics you sent in…you went above and beyond, my friend! We wanted to give you an honorable mention for the effort, even though you were pipped at the post by the gents above.

You All Rock

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures…it was a tough call, but thanks for making it so fun! Many thanks also to our wonderful friends at O’Reilly for providing the prizes!

We will be putting together a cool montage of all the pics, and you know I love a good montage:


Anyone else just realize that Andris and Girts are on the same couch?

I assume that’s the same couch. Otherwise you two have astoundingly similar taste in furniture. :smile:

Bryan, your observation skills are superb! It is the same couch. :smiley:

Girts is my brother and we had a little competition of our own… the one who takes the best picture, is free of the wiener dog walking duty for a week. :smiley:

We could not even imagine that both of us would win!
Thanks guys!!!

P.S. With the combined knowledge gained from all those O’Reilly books, we should be able to create a Linux powered dog walker. :smiley:

Hey! I did in fact not notice that. And they are!

/me looks suspicious about stuff.

Yay I’m a runner up! Thanks guys!..

I’m kinda wishing I had submitted this pic instead however - it’s clearly the upholstery of true champions.

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That is some pure comedy gold right there. :slight_smile:

“comedy gold” -as talked about today on /r/programminghumor :two_women_holding_hands:

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