Tek Syndicate Community builds Eric S Raymond a new MONSTER pc

Eric, recently on his blog bemoaned his current pc cant cope with the massive Subversion/Git workloads he’s doing at he moment so the Tek-Syndicate guys had a whip-round and build him a monster pc dropped it off at his house. Good video.

Link to Youtube video

So Opinions? Did they do it as a good deed or just to gain some open-source street cred?

Parts used in the build:

Im wondering as one member of the cast once called him “crazy,crazy, gun toting, eric raymond”

That’s not a monster; mine’s almost like that, except I don’t have a spinning rust disc :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure they did it for both reasons; we are now talking about them, hence it is good PR, but they didn’t have to do it and nobody thinks any worse of the companies who didn’t do it; and they’ve bought quite a bit more than two grand’s worth of free advertising by doing it, so fair play. Everybody wins!

Well you lose then XD

Not sure why I need one? My machine has a 160GB SSD and that’s enough. (Of course, there is the server in the cupboard which has multiple terabytes of space. :))

i was just trying to be a smart arse… i for one will be glad when spinning drives goes away

Me too, although SSDs could be cheaper :smile:

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