Tech Demo Pointers

Tomorrow I’m demonstrating the latest version of our web app, just the end-of-sprint show-and-tell.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do good tech demos and other good points to follow when demonstrating something to a room of non-techs?

@nshiell - you could check out /r/ConTalks , but other than that - haven’t a clue.

good Luck, dude.

I tend to understand better when hand puppets are used. :smile:

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Be brief.

Don’t fill a screen with bullet points.

Don’t just read what’s on the screen.

Be funny.

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@nshiell How did you get going with it ?

The aFD got 14% of ha vote !

HA HA! Me too! I’m not kidding, I learned a lot from that series :slight_smile:

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because you are just beginning to learn bash ?

any other print-works ?

@oldgeek … prefer socket - io here to puppet\s

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Oh, I wasn’t looking to learn BASH or anything (just usually look up what I need to know as I need it). I just really like puppets (but not creepy kind where the artist is going for realism). I follow where my attention escapes to and usually end up learning bits and pieces here and there because of it. I once watched a talk on containerization…just because bow ties are cool!

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thought @clippy was unavailable for MacOS9 ?

I might have a look at them, thank you

It went OK, it was demonstrating a custom CMS for a website I’m working on, so loads of jQuery.
They where happy that I showed copy-paste from Word, so kinda it sold itself.

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on my course - they call that high-school chatter :mask:

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