TalkTalk hacking

Anyone read about the TalkTalk hacking? I’ve just seen that a 15 y/o has been taken in.

What’s most shocking is the fact they didn’t encrypt anything and don’t care that they didn’t. Plus not letting customers quit unless they’ve had money taken.

Hi Joe,
Not only read about it but I am a current talk talk customer and therefore at the middle of it. The current story is that they overreacted and while things were less than ideal and some of my personal information may have been released it did not include my talktalk password or my banking information. They are however offering me a 12 month subscription at their expense with a credit tracking comany which suggests their confidence that my data is 100% secure is less than perfect.

I find this so boring and mundane that the kid has become a patsy for Linux users everywhere.

Talk talk by the way often went around shopping malls asking consumers merely for there name and post-code. Afew weeks later most customers woke up, revealing that Talk talk had ‘automatically’ taken their details and connected the consumers to their service as a matter of routine, whether they wanted to or not.
Consumers became customers within two questions. I hate Talk talk and I crap on the british telecom industry at large.
Peace out.

Looks like there’s a 2nd patsy:

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