Suggestions for the Weekend Film


So this week - I shall take a different tack.

I don’t usually log onto the BBC (or the Beeb as we call it over here), but I found something #disruptive .

Mark Thomas is an anarchist, and well known for his “The Streets Are Ours !” views.

Here he is with a spin on the People’s Manifesto, which I believe you can get on the updated youtube-dl, from the command line.
He’s done 4 episodes in all.

Good luck, hope you like it. It’s only half an hour or so long.


Classic Mark Thomas.

I was at the recording of this show back in 2009.


One of my all time favourites. Between 1998 and say 2003 this was my favourite movie of all time.



#Ralp nader -
guys either a genuius, or a patsy = you decide.

An Unreasonable Man (Biography Film 2006)


The Corporation (2003)


I recently joined a community group that is called “wellbeingXX”.
‘XX’ being the [insert here] country that it is based.

After contributing and listening to various (mostly retired) people at the meeting, we decided to adopt certain
actions and concentrate on how we could improve wellbeing for the area.
There were about 30 people that go there.
The initial organisers have long since left and our next, second, meeting is a week or so away.

I spoke one one of the organisers who said I needed to do some economic homework,
and this is what I was given to watch.

Funnily enough ~ I also watch ‘alternative streams’ on youtube, notably the Keiser Report,
in which one of the makers of the film gave a compelling interview, for 20 minutes or so.

Here it is, please ignore the goofy cover-image, as I regard this as serious stuff.

There are several quotes which work well in the kind of group that I now go to.
That being a community action group, trying to find green shoots, in a debt-ridden society.
… Hope all goes well, because there’s a_lot of thinkers out there, that just need a platform to offload,
and I think we’ve found the secret-sauce to do that.

Happy hacking, #BadVoltage


This documentary about BANKSY, was the best thing to come out of 2010, for me.

Also a shoutout to @jonobacon who has just published a github comm podcast HERE
@sil Finally jono’s gone renegade ! Yippee.


Good review\s of some films in this article - sorry can’t be more helpful, this weekend ! :slight_smile:

Irrational Man

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


The Visit

The Rocky Horror Show Live


Oh, wait I found a #LiamNeeson Documentary. 20ᵗʰcentury one.


No office, Chilli, but can someone please ding these links and embeds to infringing copies of full movies? Pretty sure that’s not what this community is for. Pirate Bay is over that way ---->


No office, youself, neuro, but if you check the log - you shall see that @sil says they are fine ~(just so long as they’re not torrents).


Now, hang on. I agree with @neuro here; we don’t want direct links to infringing copies of full movies. I haven’t been following this thread, but I didn’t have a problem with linking to a whole reddit community. Nor do I have a problem with, say, the Four Horsemen link, which is officially published by the producers, or to trailers or mashups. But direct links to infringing copies are not on, I think, whether torrent or streaming; leaving the ethical argument aside, half of the published links (to The Corporation, the IT Crowd behind-the-scenes DVD footage, Spaceballs) don’t actually work now because they’ve been taken down. So, please don’t post links to illegitimate full movies; we’ve already had a link to a reddit community about this stuff, which people can go and investigate if they want.


Cheers, Aq. Exactly my point.


@sil @neuro Would this post be OK ?


So, no! What made you think it would be acceptable, given Aq’s comment above?



Christ, what’s the point in sharing at all ?

Cheers mate thanks for that - you seem to be hell-bent-on-killing everything I say or do.

Nothing would’ve happened if you hadn’t of said anything.
Now you’ve gone and ruined it - WELL DONE, matey ! Hurarr for @neuro
Not that you give shit, that’s obvious.

Why do I bother, sharing on this site, if I’m just going to be muscled out the argument ?
Same old story. I’ll just be in corner for the next week listening to chill music to relax.


The thread is entitled “Suggestions for the Weekend Film”, not “Links to Infringing Copies of Copyrighted Works That Neither You or I Have Paid For, or Have Licensed from the Copyright Holder”.

I assumed when I first saw this thread that you, and others, would suggest, and subsequently discuss the merits of, movies to watch at the weekend. At some point, you decided to start linking to, or embedding, infringing copies of copyrighted works. Most people don’t get too worked up about a embed of a movie trailer that someone other than the director(s), producer(s) or studio responsible has shoved up on YouTube. Most community managers do get worked up when forum members start putting up embeds of entire movies.

I personally have no problems with this thread being chock full of movie discussion, in fact, I’d welcome it, due to my movie buffness. I personally have a lot of problems with dodgy YouTube embeds and torrent links being posted, since that potentially endangers both the poster, the forum, and the people who run the forum; you know, the people who make the podcast you listen to. I obviously have no authority over what you can, and can’t do, since I’m not an admin, but I believe I have enough moral standing to berate due to a) my long tenure as a beloved tolerated member of both this community and the LUGradio community before it, and b) that one line of text at the bottom of each page: don’t be a dick. I’m not saying you are a dick, just that you are exhibiting dickish behaviour in your infringing posts. Please stop that.

There’s a marked difference between “sharing” and “copyright infringement”.

I apologise if that’s the impression you get. I just enjoy a full-throated discussion about stuff. Is this a five minute argument, or the full half hour?

If we’re waving hands around and pointing fingers at things, it was Aq who first pulled you up for linking directly to copyright infringing material, not I. You are the one who continued to link directly to copyright infringing material, and you’re implying something along the lines of “and I would’ve gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you pesky kids”, and that’s what I give a shit about.

Share away, just don’t link to something that is illegal.

Long time coming - they accept gb cheque!

Not having much time to actually sit down and watch a movie, there are times I can manage it and look for one that would be worth my limited time. So, this old film caught my attention and I wonder if anyone has watched it and what you thought.


Changing this to a SoyundCloud thing, now.


And the occasional @sil video.

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