Suggestions for the Weekend Film

There are quite a_lot of good computer/tech orientated films on youtube lately.
So I thought this would be a good place to discuss so decent films.
Who knows maybe it’ll be a series thing going …
So here’s the weekend film:

@sil Am I ok doing this ?

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Sure! Other people can suggest things they think are good to go along with your suggestion.

I have, however, edited out the torrent link for it (I didn’t see it, because the torrent site is blocked in the UK). Don’t do that.


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One of my favorites;

Makes my sick with anger that it was allowed to end how it did.

@joe Yeah, well I’m not a mega-fan of that film. I prefer films that get down to the metal, and that film just coffee-book’d the whole 90’s\naughties for me.

But I did watch the eulogy speeches in full so I do have a certain respect for Aaron.

@neuro Could you be so polite as to tell us what film that is (?)- as it doesn’t allow viewing in my country.

Looks like we’ve a couple of decent jibes into some decent movies here.

Just, in the interest of sharing, and @sil I hope you don’t dismay at this link, but I always found the full movies on youtube subreddit a joy if you’re stuck :

@sil Maybe the longevity of those reddit links is the best indication of how ‘reactive’ respective stake holders are, in leaving them open. Anyway, I hope all is not disapproved.

As an aside: Here’s what’s happening where I live about movies in the cinema. I saw Straight Outta Compton, recently - very inspirational.

No problem with that!

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I saw this little gem, recently
#Spaceballs-When Will Then be Now?

Have fun !

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######(additional random added since someone has re-enabled the Discourse minimum character limit for some reason)

I have to say… Spaceballs is not actually very funny :frowning:

I suppose ice cream isn’t good either! :grinning:

Get. The fuck. Out.

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Ooi ! Stop that ! … have some IT Crowd: behind the scenes.

hope this chillax’s you crazy cats.

Any one else thinks ‘Rick Moranis’ aka Dark Helmet looks like Chris Pirillo, ?

I belive this is what @sil was refering to : to end the argument.

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Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It. American Documentary.

Gameloading: Rise Of The Indies (2015) Explore the world of indie game developers, their craft, games, dreams, and how they have forever changed the landscape of games culture.

Gets really interesting about 12-14minutes in.


Massimo Banzi’s Arduino microcontroller Meet Your Maker

Source (Nothing Special here) :

One for christmas … either DieHard or HomeAlone #MashUp.

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