!suggest: MYCROFT device review - finally you can talk to your computer!

So here’s the Kickstarter which is well at the moment.

Here’s the video :

A couple of things why this needs to be reviewed, one - does it work in the UK ? @sil you could have a crack at this ( e.g. Pandora etc would you need US VPN etc ?)

Secondly, and this is the big one for me - You can TALK to your computer !

Here’s the kicktraq link ( which is important.)

Also mentioned/featured on the ‘Inquirer’ here.

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Jono Believes.

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I just built up Mycroft from GitHub and I asked it:
“Hey Mycroft, what’s the date?”

It’s thoughtful response was:
“Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby
two people meet socially, possibly as friends.”



Would you like to ask mycroft what its predictions for 2018 are?


Why ? Do you have 150 of your great british pounds ?

'cos I don’t.

As far as I understand, @nshiell “just” build the mycroft software which afaiu is sufficcient to interact with it…
i.e. you don’t need to buy that lovely box.

Now if mycroft punches out any random jibberish that can be construed as a prediction for 2018…like
"the number of people eaten by squirrels rises"
it will have great shot at beating the BV team in 2018!

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@tobi42 you didn’t answer my question, but fair-play.

no. not even one british pence…but to be fair, i’m also not british, but german :slight_smile:

that’s why your lovely.

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