Sporadic 802.1X Authentication Failures on Windows 10 Clients

Hi All
We’re facing an issue with sporadic 802.1X authentication failures on our Windows 10 clients. The problem arises after our scheduled weekly reboot script runs at 3 am EST on Sunday mornings. Our clients, which include a mix of small form factor desktops & laptops with docking stations, are all running Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2.

Here’s a quick overview of our setup:

We have a two-node ISE 3.1 cluster with patch update 3.
Our access layer switches are running IOS XE 16.12.5b.

The failures are inconsistent, and not all devices are affected each week. Has anyone else experienced similar issues, or have any insights into what might be causing these sporadic 802.1X failures?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!