Someone Fight Me!

I am bored. very bored. slightly depressed and at a loss to the reason why my truly beloved Dolores has passed away. *

I want someone to reach out across community-badvoltage and punch me to wake up.

If you up to this task, (nothing kinky) - then please oblige.

Just for a laugh - I though I would see what the bots said about this ::

punch me

apparently this is like using a thing called “Steam” - what is this ‘steam’ ?

It’s okay - I found the mother-load instead.

Thanks guys !

I truly hope you don’t actually mean depressed, but a bit sad, as someone who suffers occasionally I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

It is normal to be sad when someone we care about dies. I am assuming you did not know her personally, correct me if I am wrong here. I didn’t know her personally either: I have a few friends that did, though not closely.

Life moves on and death is part of the story. Take some time to celebrate her life. A few tears are not a bad thing; I have had a few myself tonight; they show we care about others.

Dolores had a beautiful voice and much to say in trying to bring communities together.

As Zombie attests: What’s in your head?

It doesn’t have to be: Tanks and bombs, and, bombs and guns


You didn’t attest my question as to What is steam @WarrenHill ?

Steam is a gaming platform available on many systems including Mac, Windows, Linux and a few consoles. They have produced several commercial successes at least as part of Valve.I could have this the wrong way round.

Valve and Steam are tied together but I’m not sure if Steam is the free arm of Valve or Valve is the commercial arm of Steam.

@WarrenHill I felt the love go,
as far as Steam … why can’t they get gaming sorted on these hobby distro’s ?

By the way - I eMailed the so-called owned, and although I could’ve brought it myself … is now asking for $125K

and I could have got aswell !

When is the stage when we say - There is No Need To argue,

we just need to bang some heads together

and collaborate on the same track (???)

I like this one …

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