So there's this thing called Tattoo Roulette - What tattoo's do you have?

I was looking on design-Taxi and found this topic called Tattoo Roulette.

My question is what bad-ass tattoo’s do you have ?

Personally, I wouldn’t ink my body - but I’m a pussy for pain.

PS If you don’t want to identify your skin. -THEN DON’T POST !

@oldgeek Your ass-crack isn’t a tattoo. :wink:

Sorry to already break rules here!! Butt…

While I have never confused the most prominent feature of my derriere as being a tattoo, it has been confused for the Valles Marineris!

Oh, come on @oldgeek … I was just joking :blush:

Darn it, I forgot the :smile: again!

Then again, it’s good they say I don’t have any feelings, they could get hurt so easily! :smile:

I told the PA at my cardiologist, after they did my yearly ecg, that I wanted a copy of the results. She looked at me quizzically and slowly said “okay”. I told her, that, as it had been a question, I needed proof that I had a heart. :smile:

I remember the same thing when I was 10 .

I quizzically asked: Am I human ?

I have no tattooes. :slight_smile:

I got one this past January. It’s my family’s coat of arms.

(This pic was taken right after the session. The tat doesn’t look quite so marker-y now :smile:)

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The only Tattoo that I’m familiar with:

And to think, I actually watched one episode. :cry:

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