Skipping a week?

Seems to be no show this week. I don’t seem to remember anyone mentioning that on the last show. Are we skipping a week, or is it just late?

I’ll feel like a feel if they mentioned it on the last show, but I want that BV goodness. According to the website, next episode is October 2nd.


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Ah, soz. The show will be out tomorrow, hopefully; we had to delay recording a little. The website thing works automatically, so it doesn’t take into account occasional tweaks to the schedule…

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I too came here because I was worried about the show, I’m moving to manchester on saterday and need something good to listen to on the long car ride there so you better not screw the upload :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I can’t promise it’ll be out by then – this has been a pretty busy week in Bad Voltage land – but we’ll do what we can. Good luck with the move :smile:

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Awesome - thanks for the update! I use Bad voltage for my daily commute, so it’s nice to know it’s coming soon.

Can not wait to see if that will be Manchester UK or Manchester England :blush:

We apologize for the delay, but good to see we were actually missed. The show has been recorded and I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait (and is certified frippery-free). Should be released “Real Soon Now”.


The Scottish vote makes no difference here. Manchester is part of England, Britain and the UK.

The United Kingdom is the union of Northern Ireland and Britain

Britain is the union of England, Scotland and Wales. The election is about Scotland leaving Britain and by extension the United Kingdom. The state of Manchester was never in doubt.

As I type, thank expletive deleted, Scotland have voted to remain part of Britain and the UK. Had they not I’d be moving to Scotland because otherwise what remains of the UK would never of got rid of the Tories (Conservative party)

It was a close vote though 55% to 45% with one area still to report, though not big enough to change the overall result.

I’m English but used to live in Scotland, near Glasgow, if I were still there I would have voted for independence.

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I think that the Scots won by voting the way they did.

I certainly believe the UK overall is better for having Scotland part of it. I’m not sure the result was best for Scotland though I could be wrong.

In threatening to leave Scotland has been offered more powers by all three main parties but we are yet to see the details. If these powers extend far enough then yes Scotland will have won. Only time will tell.

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True stuff :slight_smile:

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