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Thought I might fork this into its own thread. Following 2x15, please share your personal site and also give us an insight into what you built it with.

The first site I ever made was in Publisher. It was a primary school project and the clip art monstrosity is still online:

After that, my first “real” site was done in FrontPage (also at Primary school), because Microsoft only in education.

When I moved up to high school, I got into Linux and the LAMP stack, then eventually WordPress. A few years later, I got into Python professionally and made a site with blogging framework in Django. This was really high maintenance, but I kept it going until everyone stopped accepting StarSSL certs.

At this point, I looked around for static site generators and came across Hugo. I’m slowly learning Go, so picked this and remade the site. I’m running it on a DigitalOcean droplet, behind Nginx and have a script for updating the site after pushing to a Git repo. Here it is:

Let us know your solutions!


I have been running a project called Viikon VALO. Which is roughly “Weekly FLOSS” in Finnish. The idea was basically just to introduce one free/open source software, material source or another closely related thing every week. Kind of blog format. One post per week. I managed to run it actively about 4.5 years.

First I ran it on Drupal, but at some point updating of the platform became a burden because of some module that I used, which was not updated for the future versions. At that point I switched to PhileCMS, which is a nice flat file CMS with Markdown syntax. However after migration, I noticed that my site might be too heavy (too many pages or something) for Phile.

Then I finally switched to Hugo. That really fits for my purposes and is fast as lightning.

And sources for my site are of course CC-licensed and in Github.

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