Sharing on PS4 has awkward outcomes

Thought this was interesting: - check the comments as the stream is now down.

This happened last night my time. A guy was celebrating his birthday and started live-streaming from his PS4 with his camera. He started getting pretty shit-faced, and then alledgedly at one point hit his wife and threw his dog against the wall.

Next came more and more incoherent bullshit before he gave his phone number out. Rather unsurprisingly, viewers started calling him, and for some reason all decided to fake being John Cena (some kind of MMA fighter) threatening to beat the dude up.

Shit got weird. It seems that when you can buy an appliance that makes it easy to stream to the Internet, all kind of nutters get online. :slight_smile:

This seems to always happen every time we get new people online. We need some sort of induction process that explains to people the full implications of what they’re about to do :slight_smile:

What is interesting is that there is no abuse button within the console livestream viewer. I saw a bunch of nazi’s one time spewing racist crap, and was surprised to not be able to report it. There are also barely any parental controls.

I guess they will tend to some of this in a future firmware update.

The September That Never Ended was, what, 1995?


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