Sept 20, 15:00 UTC/21:00 UTC: The (unofficial) BAD VOLTAGE GAMING EXTRAVAGANZA

With seemingly renewed interest from members of the Bad Voltage community, I’m hoping to set up a gaming event on Saturday, September 20.


Right now, the games on the table are:

  • Team Fortress 2 (Steam, Free, FPS)
  • Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam, $19.99, FPS)
  • Dota 2 (Steam, Free, MOBA)
  • Strife (Website, Free, MOBA)
  • Anything else people feel like playing. Plan on last-minute coordination in the Mumble chat room

Please feel free to suggest more games. Multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux) PC games only please!


I still need a good time for the event, so please mark all times you would be able to attend at this poll.

The poll has been going for a good while, and it seems that two times are tied. So, I will be setting up two events the same day:

Event 1: 15:00 UTC - 8:00 AM PTD - 9:00 AM MTD - 10:00 AM CDT - 11:00AM EDT - 4:00 PM BST (UK)
Event 2: 21:00 UTC - 2:00 PM PTD - 3:00 PM MTD - 4:00 PM CDT - 5:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM BST (UK)

However, feel free to join the Mumble room at any point during the day. I’ll do my best to be there frequently.


@dankles’s Mumble chat room doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, so I’ve set one up at that should work. Just drop in on Saturday.

Day Of Defeat Souce! It’s an awesome game for small teams.

If enough people are interested there is always Dota 2 (Steam, Free).

I am not sure if 0ad can do online multiplayer but if so we could give that a bash (and if needed give some feedback to the devs or even report some bugs).

Oh, there is also Strife which is free-to-play and might be an easier introduction to moba’s than Dota 2. Personally I am up for TF2 and LFD2 also :smile: (and as it stands I will be free on the required day so if it remains like this I am good to go)

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Dota is actually my most played game right now, I just didn’t include it because it isn’t a game that you just casually play with some friends. XD

0ad sounds fun, but considering there are probably at least a few people running Linux besides me (I would hope) it would probably be a little difficult trying to get everyone to have the same version of the game. Not out of the question though, if the game has some sort of sane networked multiplayer.

If Strife is even remotely like Dota that’s probably a no go too. I’ll look into it though.

To make Dota 2 or Strife work we need 5 people that want to give it a go and then we create a team (and most probably get matched against another 5 player team that will stomp us :stuck_out_tongue:)… All in the name of fun >.<

Strife is a good introduction to MOBA’s. Much easier to pick up than Dota 2.

+1 for dota 2.

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Oh, also Teeworlds (Free) and Awesomenaughts (Steam, Free)!

I like Dota 2 but I think it has a too steep learning curve for such an event.
TF2 is easier.

That was my big thought. If people really want to try it and be utterly confused for two hours, I guess we can. Again, this ought to be pretty relaxed whatever we end up doing. Nothing is set in stone.

Just a quick reminder, the first gaming event for today is happening in two hours! I hope I don’t get stood up again. XD

Both of the two chat rooms seem to be down.

.< Would seem Mumble being blocked in the UAE…

Oh and inception :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on right now.

:frowning: I can’t connect to anything via mumble… also can’t connect to (this is the TF2 server right?)

He shutdown the TF2 server a while ago, and make sure your mumbe is set to use port 64738.

It is set and it doesn’t connect. Would seem that mumble (or at least many of the ports used for mumble is blocked on ISP level here…

Thanks for the attempted TF2 and the Zombiefest @MetaNova, was fun until we got horribly murdered :stuck_out_tongue:

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