Self lacing shoes - one for bryan!

ok, I think they might have gone a bit overboard with the dramatic music, but that looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

If it can make me do backflips like that, then I am in.

Got to love how they (not so tactfully) cut away every time someone is just about to put their foot into the shoe.

I thought Nike had a patent on self tying shoes or something like that.

I have to support this one just for pure spite and potential enjoyment in watching a small team beating Nike to the punch.

I don’t get how they are called “powerlaces” when they have zero power.

What made the shoes in BTTF2 cool was the fact that they did that awesome motorized click this:

These things have no power and no cool click sound.

You know hat has no power, no cool click sound, and requires no tying?

Velcro. :slight_smile:

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