Season 2 plans? How long would be Season 1?

I started listening to Bad Voltage quite late, around episode 16. Thus, I don’t know if you already established how many episodes would the 1st season have. A show every 2 weeks gives 26 shows per years, if you don’t account for vacations or season breaks. So, the next show would be the last of the 1st season? Any plans to switch to a shorter schedule of 10-13 episodes per season, à la Games of Thrones or Breaking Bad? Am I worrying too much? I just want to know if there would be any cliffhanger in the near future (like ending a show with the promise of @jonobacon growing a mullet, @jeremy taking a selfie, @bryanlunduke walking into an Apple Store or @sil trying to speak with a Texas accent)

Anyway, thanks for the shows.

We haven’t discussed seasons, and right now don’t really have plans to do any. LugRadio had seasons (I think we might have even started the practice of doing so in podcasting, but am not sure) because everyone ended up being away over the summer. BV has weathered the recent summer with no break required, so we may not need one. We may still decide to break, but you can be reasonably confident that there’s no imminent cliffhanger coming.

Yep, unless there’s an actual pause in broadcasts, what’s the point?

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Because saying “Welcome to Bad Voltage season one episode nine thousand, six hundred and seventy-four” is a bit complicated?

Indeed, we haven’t really done seasons so far, but I think it might make sense to have our season break around Christmas time…I suspect that will be a bit mad for scheduling, and then we break in a new season in the new year.

Either that…or we just get rid of seasons, or, comically, let season 1 run on forever. :smile:

Also…I think you are right, I think we did start the whole season thing with LR. Neat. :slight_smile:

I think it would make sense to make your first episode of 2015 season 2 episode 1 even if you don’t take a break over Christmas/new year.

Personally I’m looking forward to a a Christmas episode but I wouldn’t blame you for taking a break. It is a time for family after all, and waiting to see what the big fat bloke in the red suit has bought us. That said I assume you are funding the podcast out of your own pockets, and putting in a significant amount of your own time, so it would be unfair to blame you if said the next show was the final one.

Please don’t though I love the show, and this community, keep it up.

What about:

Bad Voltage “Episode Number that Month” “Month” “Year”

i.e welcome to Bad Voltage 2, 04, 12

Something like distro numbering.

I rather use the same version numbering scheme as Donald Knuth used with TeX. Because everybody loves pie

On the few podcasts I listen to that have seasons… I NEVER understand where I’m at. I suppose you could do a semi ubuntu (time based) style versioning, i.e. season 2015 episode 20 or something.

But I’m really in favor of one session comically running forever. That’s great stuff right there.

Aren’t these test episodes before season 1 starts? :smile:

What about creating a poll for the community to suggest/vote what they prefer? PS.: I prefer no seasons. They are just marketing to me (at least with TV series).

Let’s make this poll:
1.- In the final Episode of Season 1, which of Bad Voltage hosts would you like to be killed?

a) Not Stewart, Jono or Jeremy
b) I like British accent, so not Jono nor Stewart
c) Ironman is my favorite movie. Save Jeremy
d) Bryan

Sorry Lunduke. Bad guys always die. Even Heisenberg died, so consider it a compliment.

2.- What kind of death do you prefer?

a) Gruesome
b) Trial by combat
c) Beaten to death with SUSE plush
d) Something ironic, like the guy who died in a Segway accident shortly after buying the company

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