SCALE 2017 - How did it go?

Well SCALE 2017 has now finished and I was again unable to make it but I am wondering who was lucky enough to be there and what the highlights were for them.

I’m assuming Bad Voltage live went well, the event has been recorded and will be appearing as a show sometime soon so I am not interested here to talk about the show as I’m sure there will be lots to talk about once the video is released.

I’m more interested in SCALE its self but any anecdotes about our boys outside the show are welcome too.

So, what did I miss?


I was there. :slight_smile:

It was a hell of a party. The boys (and the sponsors) put on a great night. The drinks flowed. The food was tasty. The venue was incredibly cool.


Hi Bryan,

Were you presenting this year? Is there a “Linux Sucks”, or other, presentation you can provide a link to?

Glad to hear the show went well and the after party. Very much looking forward to watching the show once it’s posted here.

Bryan did indeed do a presentation, which we watched :slight_smile: The last Linux Sucks, too; the end of an era!

SCaLE itself was rather fun; lots of good bars in Pasadena, it turns out… even though I missed @stephenrwalli’s talk. It was good to see Christian Hergert – we had a detailed conversation about Builder and flatpaks and the like. And System76 showed off their new galago laptop which is most cool, and Carl the boss got buttonholed by Jono and I :slight_smile:

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The end of an era indeed. @bryanlunduke great as usual.

but is it pretty?

Yes. Yes it is. And it has a little flip-down ethernet port which I properly like. And it weighs nothing.

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Like the old Eee PC laptops?

Yeah. Except it’s about a fifth the height of those :slight_smile:

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I was in attendance. Castle Green venue was conveniently near the convention center. Tacos were tasty and worth the long wait in lines. Sound setup wasn’t that great in the room with the stage. It was hard to hear even up front and center at times when LiveVoltage show was going (even after Jono shouting at people in the back to keep it down). It was even worse when the Spazmatics were playing, but it was still great fun watching. They thankfully they had a undistorted speaker feed connected outside so one could duck outside and still enjoy listening to the performance.

Props to Bryan Lunduke for donating the computer prize he won to Kids on Computers. Really missed his presence on stage with the rest of the crew.


I am still eagerly waiting for the video recording of Live Voltage :slight_smile:


Me too, I didn’t go this year. It was a laugh to go.
Guys any talks comming up in Europe this year?

The video of the show is almost ready. Stay tuned!


Jono’s panel at Scale:
Open Source Lessons Learned From a 4 Year-Old

The slides got cut off at the bottom, but the sound was better than some of the other panels. He’s off camera until the end, but Jack was absolutely cutest. Jono, are the slides posted online anywhere?


Jono: “We’d all buy ‘The Art of Community’ if we were rational”

Since this book is available as a free download then that would be irrational. The book is worth reading though.

@jono this a great presentation.

I’d have to agree there Jono is clearly a lucky boy.

I’m guessing you are aiming release this on Thursday instead the usual Bad Voltage podcast would that be a fair assumption?

We had initially planned to release the live show last Thursday, which would have been on cadence, but ran into a couple issues that are now being addressed. We plan to release the live show (with both audio and video options) “real soon now” and release a normal show on schedule next Thursday.



Also, for those who were unable to attend SCALE this year, they have started posting the recorded videos to their YouTube channel:


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