SCALE 2016 Plans

Hi guys,

I’m planning to go to SCALE this year for the first time. I’ll be flying into LA, anyone have any tips on the best way to get from the airport to the convention center? Do people usually arrive in LA on Wed or Thursday morning before the conference starts? Anyone know when the conference organizes to have shuttles at the airport?

(I’ve listened to Bad Voltage since the beginning but am just now joining the community. I’m excited to be a part!)

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I’ll (personally) be there on Wednesday so that I’m not super tired for the Thursday night show. Just make sure you’re there before Thursday afternoon and you’ll be fine. :smile:

No clue about shuttles and whatnot. My guess is you’ll need to take some other form of transportation from the airport… but I’m really not sure.

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I should be arriving some time Wednesday as well, but may not make it to the convention center until Thursday.


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Is anyone flying up from UK?

I’ll participate in SCALE for the first time too, bad voltage listener since ep. 1. Looking forward to see you guys (drunk)! hahahaha

@micah68 We’ve posted some transportation options on the SCALE site.

LA is hard to navigate without a car, but if you’re aren’t planning a lot of driving other than getting to/from the airport Uber or a Shuttle service might be your best bet. Otherwise you’re both paying for a car rental and parking just to keep the car parked for most of the 4 days.

Most folks will be getting in Wed night or Thursday morning depending on which pre-SCALE events they plan to attend. Eg UbuCon kicks on Thurday morning bright and early.

Theres not much going on other than setup on Wednesday. Although if BV fans are in town early and want to help I’m sure we can find a way to put you all to work :smile:

I would recommend flying in to the Ontario airport if possible; you are more likely to find a shuttle from the airport because its closer than LAX and its more direct. Going from LAX to Pasadena takes you through some of the worst driving LA has to offer. Not to mention that traffic can be a nightmare one to two hours before and after the start(~8am) and end(~5pm) of the workday. So planned according.

Burbank is a pretty good option as well.

Flew into Burbank. Because Bob Hope.

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