Santa: Has he been yet?

I note from the Official NORAD Santa Tracker that the big guy is already on his way with his big sack of presents. As I type he hasn’t been flying long so I guess most of us still have several hours to wait.

I thought this thread might be a good place for people in this fine community to tell us about any unexpected presents they have received that they would recommend others to take a look at.

Personally living in the UK I have several hours to wait to and I’m not expecting any tech this year but would love to hear about what awesome gifts others have received.

I bought myself a nice ickle pair of Sony headphones (MD-10RC) in Bristol Airport last week to shove into my laptop bag, as they’re smaller than the MDR-1R pair I keep on my desk at work.

Oh, and Google’s Santa Tracker is way more fun.

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