Rocketing To Prove the Earth is Flat


Mike Hughes is a limo driver. He built a steam powered rocket to propel him a mile up so he can prove the Earth is flat. Unfortunately, he canceled from some technical issues and government permits.

How disappointing! It could have been quite a feather in his cap to prove what everyone knew thousands of years ago. And to show, as he says, there is no difference between science and science fiction. :smile:

If you want to be entertained with the subject…

I must say, this guy, Eric Dubay, in this interview, has conviction, if lacking sense. And he gives answers to questions raised in a very reasonable manner. Illogical, but reasonable. He doesn’t sound like the nut job he is.


Just pure brilliance.


The earth is not flat.

It’s just abit depressed.


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The Earth is flat, but Mars is round!

There is a link in there to something Issac Asimov wrote, The Relativity of Wrong. It was a very good read.


If we ignore Physics then we could argue that Mars being round does not mean it is not flat it could be a circle but not spherical provided it always presented itself to us face on.

Some of the key evidence that the earth is basically ball shaped, actually it bulges around the equator but close enough for the sake of argument is the fact that when the earth casts a shadow on the moon it always looks like part of a circle. This would only be possible if the earth were flat but circular and always presented itself face on to the moon.

A second argument is that the tallest feature on the earth should be visible from everywhere, with suitable magnification, as it can not be over the horizon because there isn’t one.

Finally there are images from high earth orbit or space which show the beauty of the rock we live on. If I am expected to believe that this a a conspiracy and all the images are faked then why should the US, UK, ESA, Russia amongst others all want to peddle the same conspiracy?

I’m not suggesting here that anybody believes the claims of the flat earth society just pointing out the obvious flaws in the argument.

That said I trust both the US and Russia when they assure me that on Christmas eve they will be tracking Santa to ensure his delivery schedule will not be impeded.


I really struggle to believe that people actually think this. I think this really is a good example of mount stupid at work.



I’ve been to that mountain more times than I can count! I wish I could blame it on youth.

Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt


easily done around bitcoin -headlines in the media, lately.


2x30: Accidental Loot



That picture is completely unreliable. Everyone knows the Earth is the center of the universe! :rofl:


I tell you what, the guy may have weird beliefs, but anyone who can get a home-made rocket of significant size 500m up in the air deserves some respect… :slight_smile:


Whyyyyy?? Isn’t this evidence enough?




So I havenot got time to listen to the show this week, maybe next, but

apparently the earth is actually described as a oblate spheroid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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