Reverso Debate Round 3 - What should the topic be?

The race between Jono and Jeremy, for Round 2, is getting closer and closer by the minute. Which of these two contestants will face me in the 3rd, and final, round? Who knows!

Either way… we need a topic. If you have any ideas, post them here. The two Bad Voltage co-hosts that are not involved in the final debate will make the official decision (meaning Stuart and one other dude – I don’t get any say in that) … but they could use your ideas!

A reminder (as if it needs reminding) the topic should be something that is the opposite of what each debater actually thinks.


Bryan v. Jeremy : “Short People Are Better” v. “Short People Are Terrible”

Bryan v. Jono : "Soul Patches Are Amazing v. “Soul Patches Are For Douchbags”

I’m sure you guys can come up with something better. Those are just examples. :smile:

At first I thinking along the lines of “Mac” vs. “Windows” or “Ubuntu” vs. “Fedora”. Then I though:

“Linux Action Show” vs. “Linux Unplugged” :smile:

I love the idea of it being something more personal. The opportunity for comedy is greater. :slight_smile:

Bryan v. Jono: “Love Unity and Canonical and Mark Shuttleworthy” v. "Whatever the actual Bryan thinks"
Jeremy v. Bryan: “Linux documentation is perfect and people shouldn’t post their stupid questions to those stupid websites. RTFM” v. “Lunduke saying that people has the right to ask. Actually, they could sent the questions directly to him via Twitter, SMS or ICQ. He will address them in the next Linux Action Show”

How about one person talk in favor of how innovative a spectacular the new iPhone is and another do the same for the current windows phone?

You mean like: "how cool is that I can actually takes a burst of selfies of my stupid face?"
Only if Jono wins. That way he could say that he really likes the sturdy metallic looks and Aluminum body.

Love the idea of defending products we all think sucks.

Who’s “all”? I quite like both of those things as products :slight_smile:

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I would like to see a debate about women in the tech sector.

xx vs Bryan | We need a 50/50 rate (women/men) in the tech community vs. the market will solve the problem with less women in the tech sector

If you want a little shitstorm, you can debate about the best god. :wink:

chistian God vs. Allah vs. buddha :smiley:

I think it would be fun to pick a topic that would force Bryan to argue in favor of some privacy endangering technology, like cloud file storage.

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smartwatches are great vs smarwatches are terrible

cats are better vs dogs are better

4, 4.5 inch or smaller smartphone screens vs 4.6, 5 inch + smartphone screens

windows phone os will die vs windows phone os will become a major player in the smartphone market

Browser battle may be good… Chrome vs Firefox or substitute midori, epiphany, konquorer, opera… Etc

Or GUI vs terminal?

Plush chameleons vs motorcycles?

Probably @bryanlunduke favorite subject is himself. My proposal: Bryan is a terrible person (position defended by @bryanlunduke) v. Bryan should be clonated to solve all world problems (defended by whoever wins this round)

I would love to hear @jonobacon saying good stuff about Lunduke. And the debate would escalate quickly into comedic proportions, because probably the best person to mock Lunduke is @bryanlunduke

EDIT: to increase the weird factor and make it more difficult for Bryan, we could force to compare himself against one or several easily mockable public figure, like Steve Ballmer, David Hasselhoft or Bill O’Reilly

Or a debate whether Bryan should always win contests. That would present a conundrum for Bryan, I would think. If he argues that he shouldn’t win all contests and thus wins, or if he loses the contest with the other arguing that he should win, then what?? :smile:

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Some of these ideas sound terrifyingly awesome.

Paul Reubens?

I’d like to hear Bryan argue the virtues of iOS 8 and the shiny new iPhones, and the Apple ecosystem in general.

@cmgbeyer Sorry, but the final round of the debate already took place in the last episode (1x25). No spoilers about the winner, if you haven’t heard it yet

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